On this page you can read about some projects I've worked on.

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Work experience

  • DevSecOps EngineerIverNov 2022 - Now
  • Full Stack DeveloperAssedonMay 2021 - Oct 2022


  • Creatingstuff Project - 2022


    Developed a recipe and meal planning service to replace current meal planning and meal kit services.

  • Work Project - 2022


    A analytical tool built to make predictions of the demand of digital skills and occupations in the future. Built by analyzing job posts to make prediction of future skills andiBuilt with Python, Express, Next.js and deployed on Google Cloud with Docker.

  • Creatingstuff Project - 2022


    A swedish beer recommendation app that lets users like and dislike beers and based on that they get a recommendation. The recommendations are done with neo4j as a "recommendation engine"

  • Creatingstuff Project - 2022


    Heybop is a music quiz app you can play with your friends and family locally. It's built with React, Next.js, Typescript, Firebase and Spotify API

    Live Website
  • Personal Project - 2021


    A project management tool built for developers working with agile methods. The purpose of codernexus was to make developers time with different work methods easier to be able to spend more time on development. Codernexus is built with React, MaterialUI, Typescript, Express.js, Socket.io, Docker